"Das Schiff" -  a place with a long tradition. 

The perfect combination between Lake, good food, tradition and a homey athmoshere. 

Due to its location directly at the lake with the bike trail passing the Hotel, the „Gasthaus Schiff“ offers its guest at all times of the year a perfect place to start to explore the intact nature around the lake of Constance. Family Massler and their “Schiff-team” lovingly take care of every single guest and try to anticipate every wish their guests might have.

Holidays at the „Schiff“ – Discover the most beautiful side of the Lake of Constance

In Moos, it is a bit more quite than at other busier tourist places around the Lake of Constance, but still, the “Gasthaus Schiff” is very centrally located and exactly these facts make your stay special and unforgettable. As soon as you start your day with a nice breakfast and enjoy the lakeview at sunrise you know it is going to be a beautiful day.

Due to the central location you have many possibilities of what to do and how to spend your day. No matter if you plan a bike tour, go hiking, swimming, a ship cruise, shopping at the outlets or visit nearby Switzerland with the beautiful city Stein am Rhein or the Rheinfall, Europe´s biggest waterfalls” in Schaffhausen, there is something for everybody. In the evening you can come back, relax, unwind and enjoy. Our chef Rolf Massler and his team will treat you with many of the culinary delights the local lake Constance cuisine has to offer.

We had our 100-year anniversary in 2014 and by looking at us you could not tell.

Yes it is true, indeed we have a very long history and tradition! Back in the middle 1800, when Moos was still a small, traditional fishing village, the “Gasthaus Schiff” did already exist (mentioned for the first time in 1839) and was owned by Franz Baum. He already was an ancestor of our family. In 1873 he founded the restaurant “Grüner Baum” and sold the “Gasthaus Schiff” to Jacob Mayer. At a Sunday in July 1912, the old “Gasthaus Schiff” bruned down entirely and was rebuilt until 1914. A few years followed in which the “Gasthaus Schiff” had several different owners until in 1924, Anton Engelmann became the new owner. Hence it is owned by our family for over 90 years and 5 generations. In 1983 Christina Engelmann married Rolf Massler which led to the name change of the owning family. You can maybe imagine that many different things already happened at the “Gasthaus Schiff”. For many local associations it was used as meeting place and different local choral societies or theatre groups used our place for their performances. Over the years the “Gasthaus Schiff” as you know it today developed step by step. There is only one thing that never changed: The “Gasthaus Schiff” has always been a meeting point for many people and guests.

We would like to say thank you to everybody that contributed to make the last 100 years possible!